Stay centered. Remember what you want and why. Keep going and follow the compass. Use your time wisely there are many places you can go in the map. What is the treasure you are after?

Learning to be open is also learning to feel exposed. Let the inner critic step back and instead let creativity take the ropes. Every opinion, including yours is tinted by the filter of perception, and in the grand scope it doesn’t matter that much. Allow yourself to be.

Listen to others and also listen to you. Your choices show pieces of you and Only you know what fires it all up. Accept sincere compliments with grace knowing that they come from the filter of love. As a filter not all of it passes at least this one’s are tinted with the color of joy.

Follow the spontaneous thoughts that give you joy. Curious sparks often become blasts of creativity. The type of creativity that produces transformation. In the joy of discovery your whole universe changes, the center of your being fires up with the light of forever curious evolution. In other words you don’t need to stay motivated to change your life, you just need to stay curious about what brings you joy. What’s in your curiosity list?

Soft pressure. Soft pressure is balance. The uncomfortable sensation of intense sensation and the revitalizing force of breath. One opens for the next one to flow, and as it flows the next one opens.

Humble. Be humble like a student so you can always have room to learn. In awareness of our own ignorance we see the possibility of knowledge. It’s wise to see that in the vastness of all we can perceive there’s little that we know. So we can get to the job and expand our consciousness.