Listen generously. Put aside your filters, focus on people’s eyes, stop thinking about the smart thing you want to say next. In fact, you don’t have to say something. Most times listening generously is more than enough. Allow yourself to listen, especially if someone has something to say about you. It doesn’t mean that everyone’s thoughts about you are truth, and there’s much to learn from the way someone who loves you perceives you. Listen to the person who wants to see you grow, flourish,…Continue Reading “How and why to Listen”

Enjoy the luxury of simple. A smile, a hot bath, a cute kitty. Rejoice on the little things that make you happy.Enjoy the richness of every moment with all the tiny little things that add on every time we look. That’s how we grow rich.

Listen to your body when it tells you that you need a break. Do it before you breakdown. It’s ok. Remember that your health is your biggest wealth. Nothing matters if you are working yourself to death if don’t have the health to enjoy the fruits of your work. Do something nice for yourself, slow down, take a break.

Balance is an art. The art of trying new things and staying long enough to reach mastery. Putting yourself in new situations lets you see different aspects of yourself. Mastering something lets you see what it looks like at your best. Balance both. Feed the fire of mastery with every spark of curiosity.

There’s only one thing. It seems like many things, and its essence is only one. It’s you and me, and every rock, and every leaf. Slow down and look within. Underneath the ever-changing movements of your thoughts and your emotions it’s the free and independent fabric of all that exists. Slow down and feel it vibrate within your own being. Melt into this awareness to find that there’s no limit to the unfolding truth that manifests as you.

The key to being confident is doing the work. Preparing for it. Practicing until mastery, or until the lesson integrates into being part of your being. Do it with integrity with yourself, and following your own values, beliefs and goals. Nobody else cares as much as you do. Nobody can paint the picture of your fulfilled life but you. Feed your own fire with determination, and don’t sell yourself below of what you deserve. You are awesome, so start believing it.

Let your inspiration come from high above. From the higher perspective that connects you to the rest that also exists. From the version of you that lives knowing that there’s nothing to fear, and nothing to lose. From the place that knows you have everything you possibly need to realize the full potential of your being. Inspired by the limitless you that lives in the present, be the thing that someone needs to hear. The light that shines into the heart of a gem.

A powerful tool for life is knowing what makes you happy. List it often. Another good one is knowing your daily patterns.Track them for long periods of time. For best and fast results give yourself the space to look at both. Adjust accordingly.

We are more powerful together. We serve each other as mirrors, companions, confidants, givers and takers of a myriad of lessons in the complex palette of the human experience. And so, it’s in our nature to come together with those who have the same ideals, so we can celebrate our differences and strive to build a future we dream of. It’s lovely to know that we all will do things differently, and as long as we are connected for something bigger than ourselves we can…Continue Reading “Forever together”