Do it for others. Commitment to ourselves can fluctuate. Specially when your commitment requires you to  step out of your comfort zone regularly. Things may get overwhelming and in the mist of the turbulence the fire of our why gets clouded. Our why are the reasons we act. The reasons every dream becomes a goal and then a plan and ultimately an action. From why ideas become real. When you lose your why, keep going. Walk through the tunnel guided by a spark of the…Continue Reading “Keep going”

It’s normal to fall off the wagon. It’s  easy  to give up in the name of perfection. It can be hard to try again in the name of your commitment, but progress happens when you choose to do the  hard thing. Do what  you love even when the challenge is up, not only when is convenient. Do it today, even if you already didn’t get yourself to do it before. Just do it today. Grow from there.  

Remember your why and forget about the excuse. Beware of getting trapped in the desire to seek. We only seek when something is lost. You can’t find your truth.  You can only BE IT.  

Be you. The world needs the gift that only you have. Your perspective of this world is unique and valuable. Your self expression is your right, and a gift to us. We all know you are not perfect and we don’t care. Be you, so when you die your fire can live in the form of light. Traveling forever into the space of human hearts.

Life is happening now. What do you believe that gets in the way of you going for what you want? You don’t have to believe that. Reconsider and choose something that gives you more options to be you. Believe that you are enough. Believe that you are ready. Believe that you have what it takes. The resources, the wit, the time. Redefine so you Believe in the things that make you feel powerful. You choose.  Choose you.      

Surround yourself with beauty. The beauty of smiles, hugs, and spontaneous dance parties. The beauty of authentic words and open hearts. Freely share your own beauty, and see the beauty in that other living being.

Dense. The oscillation of our ways of being may take you to a phase that’s dense. In that contracted state you get to experience the beauty of sadness. The depth of your soul lined by the echoed dull pain of loss. Sadness  also reveals the weaknesses of our attachments when you look close.  It guides you towards the clarity as it reveals to you what is not. Knowing what it knows is half the definition of what is.

Find consistency, and also value when you need to take a break. Know how much you can produce, and for how long. Set yourself up so instead of burning out you can thrive.

self sabotage happens when you spend more time thinking about what you can’t do  than thinking about what you actually can do. Like the story of the two wolves, the wolf you feed will live. When you feed the wolf of self doubt by getting stuck in endless negative thought patterns, impossibility becomes your reality and you start acting from those false assumptions. Actively working against yourself. When you find yourself thinking about what you can’t do, think two thoughts about what you can so…Continue Reading “Self-sabotage”

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You exist simultaneously at many different levels. Focused or expanded. Like someone would look at a map and have both views: street view and satellite. Awareness is what helps you learn.