I don’t like the word busy. Being busy means you have no control over your time, and time is all we got. Only one chance to be this present impersonation of time and space. Why be busy if I can just be me. Instead of being busy I  remember to exercise the power of choosing my priorities. All of problems are our own choice. And now… Sleep.  


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Honoring our teachers,evolution, social norms and time. I always liked to think my thoughts were my own. My awareness grows, and I see how the jumbled set of what I think I believe is a collection of suddle suggestions that somehow together paint the illusion of my own universe. Pervasive ideas from the Helenistic schools, the skeptics,modern Aristotelianism, mixed with an Eastern version of Montaigne…  

We are just a bunch of information Information about how energy moves Everything that exists is a sinple conglomerate, a shape in what energy moves The solid boundaries of our painted reality a mere tool for the survival of just another shape this energy to flows through In the real world there are few things that make you different than your dog Save your rolling eyes and your hurt superior egos for someone that cares It’s hard to think that we are not special, but…Continue Reading “Not special”

Uncommon. In the night all is good, the creatures for whom light or darkness paint the same art, awake or keep moving in the unchanging fact that time still exists in the dark. In the sea of my assumptions, much inspiration got lost drowned by my desire to fit in. In the dark, the light of my creation shines. Promoted by the silence of my own mind. Secure in the loving company of my slumbering hearts. The sweet touch of tiredness touches me in the…Continue Reading “Nightscape”

Consistent. I commit to write every night. Let it be so. Let be my will that make this real. Even in the quiet melt of my slumber. I will write, whatever comes out. Because why not, and because somehow I need it. Think in public

People. We our agendas, and fears. People wanting to drag you into their world constantly, it’s the simple nature of social beings. Overlapped worlds that form an ever changing quite fragile reality. I don’t know where I’m going with this. I think about magnetism, cons, “influencers” … the social nature of what we believe. I think about the group of challengers,  the counter-culture, where does that group live? I don’t know. I’ve dwell in my ignorance, now I seek  

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It’s easy to feel alone, in a system that slowly has broke down the operation aspects of our culture into many little parts, it’s hard for many to see how it’s all connected. For those of us whose natural instinct is to see connection becomes almost painful to stand in the ignorance that drags our happiness down. How can I be happy knowing that the clothes I wear cost not only money but also the lives of innocent people who have no other choice. How…Continue Reading

Tricksters I’ve always believed that we stand equal in the scheme of nature along with all the other creatures I’ve learned to ignore the common arrogance in the same way one would ignore  slurring drunks It seems funny that under the arrogant umbrella we move mostly in ignorance about how diluted our personal version of this world is The dressed monkeys and perfumed pigs roam loudly in the concrete jungle fighting over the distracted love of submissive ducklings, low class ants, and dumb sheep. In…Continue Reading “Tricksters”

Blank There are few times I run blank of ideas, I don’t know what’s happening now, I’m not sure I will figure this out One more time paralyzed, stopping myself with nothing I disappoint myself when I think the most exciting thing I know how to do is dream Sigh  

Gratitude changes everything. Today I’m grateful for the comfort of a soft bed I’m grateful for the warm bodies that love me I’m grateful to have a great mom that’s loving and supporting I’m grateful for my teachers and the knowledge that came before me I’m grateful for the Internet I’m grateful for my ability to reason and explore the depths of our existence I’m grateful for food and ale And the company of real friends I’m grateful for my health I’m grateful for my…Continue Reading “Gratitude”