Restore & Grow

Make restoring part of your growth plan. Success comes from consistency and consistency can’t happen if you burn out. Sleep well, eat well, poop well and have great sex. Restore so you can keep going.


Clarity is everything because it allows you to choose without pain. The modern world offers so many options and at the end there are many that are equally good. Clarity allows you to see that you deserve more than good. You can get the best. There’s no reason to settle forĀ  life that makes you… Read more Clarity

Be willing

Be willing to do what you need to do so you can feel complete as you are. That’s is the true you, and yes, life sometimes gets in the way. That’s why you have to be willing. Willing to restore, willing to work hard, willing to step out of your comfort zone, willing to have… Read more Be willing

Not alone

We are never alone. Even if you are lonely,with no family or friends, you are supported. Be open to look, to reveal yourself, and to ask for what you need. You deserve it. There’s unconditional love that belongs to everyone when we learn to leave the shields of fear fall away from our hearts. You… Read more Not alone

Move on

When everything is wrong just cry a little and let it go. Remember your commitment to be who you want to be. Take action guided by your commitment. There’s not such a thing as a final fuck up. Every moment gives you the chance to turn towards the way you want to walk. There’s no… Read more Move on

Stay centered. Remember what you want and why. Keep going and follow the compass. Use your time wisely there are many places you can go in the map. What is the treasure you are after?

Open to Be

Learning to be open is also learning to feel exposed. Let the inner critic step back and instead let creativity take the ropes. Every opinion, including yours is tinted by the filter of perception, and in the grand scope it doesn’t matter that much. Allow yourself to be.