Choose happy

This year choose happy! I know it sounds too simple, AND it is.
Maybe you don’t have everything you wish you had, AND that’s not a reason to be unhappy. That’s life!
There’s so much you have! including the choice to enjoy true uninterrupted happiness.

This is how you choose happiness:
Consider that every time something bothers you ,there’s nothing wrong with the situation, or the person, or whatever it is that seem not to be working.
Recognize that the feeling of upset is the result of your attachment to an idea you have labeled as “right”. Noticing that your perception of pain is a result of resisting the present moment because you wish it was another way. Instead of automatically reacting to try to fix things, you can choose not to be attached to that idea anymore and your pain will dissolve instantly.
You will probably still to have to deal with the situation AND you won’t be miserable about it!

So the question is: Would you rather be right or happy?
Choose happy!

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