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We are just a bunch of information

Information about how energy moves

Everything that exists is a sinple conglomerate, a shape in what energy moves

The solid boundaries of our painted reality a mere tool for the survival of just another shape this energy to flows through

In the real world there are few things that make you different than your dog

Save your rolling eyes and your hurt superior egos for someone that cares

It’s hard to think that we are not special, but in the end there’s simply not a scale that could measure that outside of the world of thought

However, this human experience has the uniqueness of self induced suffering. Our mind, master of survival, can either be a faithful friend or cruel slaver.

The endless mastery over our minds make human living an ironic paradox as we stand like fools, victims of our expectations, in burning hell even when in paradise.

Maybe we are not special and so what?

There’s still so much to that one deal. Who am I? Being or mind and both?

The faithful mind lives in posibbility, ¬†creation and the fingertips like magic as the energy of the real world flows unimpeded from… above? Or wherever in space it comes from..

So. At the end we should really ask ourselves if what we are asking is the right question..





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