Tricksters I’ve always believed that we stand equal in the scheme of nature along with all the other creatures I’ve learned to ignore the common arrogance in the same way one would ignore  slurring drunks It seems funny that under the arrogant umbrella we move mostly in ignorance about how diluted our personal version of this world is The dressed monkeys and perfumed pigs roam loudly in the concrete jungle fighting over the distracted love of submissive ducklings, low class ants, and dumb sheep. In…Continue Reading “Tricksters”

Blank There are few times I run blank of ideas, I don’t know what’s happening now, I’m not sure I will figure this out One more time paralyzed, stopping myself with nothing I disappoint myself when I think the most exciting thing I know how to do is dream Sigh  

Gratitude changes everything. Today I’m grateful for the comfort of a soft bed I’m grateful for the warm bodies that love me I’m grateful to have a great mom that’s loving and supporting I’m grateful for my teachers and the knowledge that came before me I’m grateful for the Internet I’m grateful for my ability to reason and explore the depths of our existence I’m grateful for food and ale And the company of real friends I’m grateful for my health I’m grateful for my…Continue Reading “Gratitude”

Behind every action there’s a desire stronger than fear. I fear aging I fear rejection I fear discomfort I fear unreversibility Humans fear. The question is: at what level? At what level does fear start to stall action? Of course the answer is: At the edge. At the edge humans get to ask themselves about who runs the show. The epic sign for the eternal fight reads: “Man vs. Fear for this moment’s title” Whover wins takes it all! Lucky for us there’s a never…Continue Reading “Reduce or Elevate”

Time is such a wonderful thing. The persistent illusion covering a mystic, ever changing water. New after each splash. The bright impression of the drops in our memory like one of those old school ‘Camara oscura’ early photographs. On the other side is the ethereal gas of what’s not yet come, but with imaginable fluidity paints the most intricate eddies out of smoke. Finally, the timeless pool of deep sleep. Away from Maya everything and nothing exists. Good night Maya, I see you.

Trust and renunciation. Many years ago I lost the  sense of a personal god. The divine presence that was once the most evident and natural mode of my being was replaced by the fear of loosing the chance to be free. How ironic it is that my fear itself turned out to be the cage I could not then escape. I never realized the flaws of my rational thinking and equivocally I believed my rational soul to be the only instrument for the perception of…Continue Reading “Renounce”

Simply melting. Think about fate. Is this moment training you for the next? Tomorrow will answer And this you will deal with the uncertainty    

It’s not a mystery that all thought can be traced through the ages with philosophy. In my fascination with ideas I delight in the quest of mapping the topography of my own beliefs. I feel deep appreciation for the masters whose genius contemplation of the universe, and our own nature has given us a huge vessel made of  knowledge. Knowledge of where we are, how we know it, and what it means to live a life well lived. Our minds so easily flow into it,…Continue Reading “Philo+Sophia”

Death is nothing to us. I panic at the thought of dying before my ‘destiny’ is fulfilled I fear of dying not death itself For what is beyond will be released from my bounding senses But to die! ? I don’t know I imagine the suffocating craze of my ego Desperately trying to hang to the last grasp of meaning As it dissolves into an inescapable nothingness that feels fierce and hungry Maybe it’s not as dark and the ego’s meltdown rather feels like a…Continue Reading “Death itself”