Awareness Cultivation Exercise from the Recognition Sutras. Exhale long, and then breathe in deep. Release the jaw, and soften the muscles of the face. Now let the base of your heart be the center point of an expanded field of awareness that includes everything that is present. If you tend to be externally focused, bring a little more attention to the vibrations of sensation, feeling, and thought; if you tend to be internally focused, bring a little more attention to subtle sounds in your environment,…Continue Reading “Recognition”

The growth zone is right outside of your comfort zone. It feels dangerous because within it you are asked to do what you have never done before. The growth zone it’s the place where you can discover your personal power, and find fulfillment in the triumph over your fears. It’s a never ending process, your growth zone will eventually become your comfort zone and so it starts all over again. Thrive in your discomfort, we grow or we shrink.

Listen to the music that comes from within. Listen to the breath, listen to your heart, listen to your mind. Become familiar with the beats so you can start to dance. Come up with your own moves, guided by the essence of what gives you joy. There’s no one you need to match or imitate. Your music is your beauty, and your dance fulfills the purpose of life. Find your own rhythm, dance, and don’t hold back.

You are not busy. There’s always time for what you think is important. Maybe you forgot what that is, but you can always remember. Make what’s important a priority, so you can live a life you don’t need breaks from. Do what you can with the resources you have, now. Continue growing and build on what you love. Doing the busy work won’t get you there. It’s the consistent dedicated time on what matters what creates the shifts in real life. One day you’ll find…Continue Reading “You are not busy”

Every situation comes around from choice. We choose what’s important, and what to believe in.Those choices guide our actions and shape our experiences. Choice gives you personal power, and with that power comes the responsibility to create the most amazing life possible for yourself. We get to choose our problems just as much as we get to choose our dreams. Choose wisely. Choose what makes you happy, and choose what makes you feel alive even when it’s not the easy choice. It’s easy to complain,…Continue Reading “Your superpower is choice”

See yourself through the filter of love. With love everything becomes easier. When you look at yourself in the mirror say ” I love you” and stay with whatever it is you feel. Notice if you cringe because you are holding on to a filter of perfection someone else set there. Change the filter, as if you were looking into the loveliest rose. Say “I love you” That’s your way of being. Perfect, whole and complete.

Sometimes it can feel like there’s so much on the line. When the future is uncertain and the possibilities for utter horrendous failure are the most present scenes in your mind, BREATHE. The possibilities for the more glorious success are equally present. Look there. Accept that things can and will change, and no matter what happens everything will work out at the end. Feeling scared is part of being human, is not a bad thing. It just means you care. Look into this feeling and…Continue Reading “Scared”

Today I was reminded that there’s nothing to fight. All that is within is who I’m. Nor good or bad. My joy, my sadness, my passions, and myobsessions. All part of the beautiful selection from the immense spectrum of human possibility I call ME. The wishes I have for myself are no longer a struggle of letting go or becoming more. Rather I’m shifted into the creative power of turning something old into something new. Something that’s aligned and in harmony with who I truly…Continue Reading “There is no darkness within”

Life is lived moment to moment. There’s not such a thing as later. Life is NOW. Ask yourself what am I attaching myself to, so that I can get x later? Do it often. Act from the space where you already have everything you need. Knowing what you need to know. Being who you need to be. Every moment is a scene in your story. Pause, and mindfully write it.

Turn your dreams into goals, goals into plans, plans into action. When writing dreams describe them as a expression of your fulfilled wish. Instead of writing: “to be strong” Write: “to lift 50lbs with my eyelids” Setting up to live a dream is like setting a performance. You need to know what’s happening at the final scene, and guide every point of the story to build up to it. In that peak scene when you have stepped in the dream come true. The journey is…Continue Reading “How to make your dreams come true”