Allow yourself to dream big. Know that your purpose transcends. It’s connected to many stories. Feel free to ask. Ask exactly for what you need. Big dreams need big support. So let those around you be there for you AND also be there for them. That’s how we achieve. Together for something that matters, and for all.

Make fun part of your priority list. Not everything needs to be about achieving something or getting something from it. Just for fun is a valid reason. Surround yourself with those who make you laugh so when your physiology is down you can restore it through laughter. Your body never lies, and if you can laugh you can change your bad mood and let fun be the door into a new perspective. Have fun, today.

Inspiration is everywhere. Everyone is a teacher. Listen with care because there is wisdom weaved into every experience. Allow this teachings to water the seeds of the virtues that are within you. Realize that you are a teacher too, and you never know when someone is listening. Be impeccable with your words. Seek, give, and receive. It’s the way of humans.

Silence is also a good thing. In silence we can hear the resonance of everything. Listen to the resonance within. Get familiar with what it says and how it says it. How it affects your body and your emotions. In every little vibration resides the whole map of the macro cosmos.

Tomorrow is another day. A new chance to start to build, to continue what you started before, to turn in a brand new direction. No permits required. No baggage to carry. Just a new day, ready for your new decision. Be a YES for what makes you feel inspired and alive.

Sometimes you work hard and things don’t work. It’s not all about you. Many things can unfold from the simple fact of your being. Make sure you give it 100%, you are honest with yourself, and you give it more than one try. Let go of the ego’s personal embarrassment and keep going because it’s bigger than that. It’s about your roots, your beliefs, and the reason behind why they are important. Fail. In the name of your inspiration. Feel free to fail.

There’s beauty in sadness. In the grey emptiness of our dissapointement some things can seem so clear. The hurt becomes both the muse and the canvas, and we paint with our blood, and the mushy mix of ashes from our dead dreams and our tears. Don’t censor your sadness, there’s divinity in it. Bask in the darkness of your own sadness the same way your happy self dance under the sun. Create from that beauty because soon it will be gone. Faith, acceptance, and determination…Continue Reading “The beauty of sadness”

Amazing things happen when you show up. Show up to what interests you. Show up to places where there are others who share your vision and your passions. Start saying no to the mindless quest of empty trying to be interesting. Follow what feeds your fire and do it consistently. That’s the difference between dreamt dreams and lived lives. Show up to the show called LIFE.

Your word has power. Your word shapes your perception. Use your word to shape your perception on your favor. Don’t say I’m sorry, say thank you. Don’t I don’t have time, say it’s not a priority Don’t say I have to do this, say get to do this Choose words that reflect you are the one who sees and chooses from the options. Use the words that put together will help you write the next chapter in your life. Think about this next time you…Continue Reading “Your word is your super power”

Perspectives are everything. Ask yourself: what can I do or say today that can help someone? From this perspective you stand in your own creative power and in your highest purpose. You gift the world from the unique perspective that only you and your countless peculiarities can deliver for all of us. Giving shows us how much we have.