Slowly Slowly I unravel the plot in my medula mapping the bioelectrical roads and bridges where my simplest thoughts at the speed of light come and go Slowly I become the seer Above the big city See my thoughts come and go Instinctively traveling through a path that for some reason someone set in stone What now? What’s beyond?  

Today I’m strong. I’m strong because at the front end of what I know about me is who I really am. Hungry for knowledge, Unconditionally positive, Aware of infinite connectedness, Fascinated by the power of ideas, Forever committed to growth. Yep, I’m so excited. May my talents turn into bigger strength through skill and knowledge.  

Visions are bigger than dreams Does this thing need to be as big as it can be Or will I be more scared Scared can be good in life Standing at the edge of what we think possible You can always see there’s a little more Shall your dream scare you And your vision inspire you        

The joy of knowledge For a long time I’ve been closed off The lives of others just a distant echo Of the loud annoyance Sometimes When needed, I barely dropped in My pain is partly fault of my ignorant self inflicted isolation From the stories that ultimately reveal how intimately related everything is I noticed my fear at the moment the thought raised Perhaps is easier for me to think that I don’t need anyone to succeed I remember thinking when I was little: “it’s…Continue Reading “Not alone”

Today’s biggest problem is not money but value. Entangled in a system that forgot to include in their set of measurable data the part where people and the environment also pay a price Our health and our happiness were put under the rule of profits Forgetting the whole point of wealth is to make life better Making the world a wealthier place should be the prime directive of any entrepreneurs Where wealth means creating the conditions where the most people experience it Wealth is not…Continue Reading “Wealth”

Who are you willing to become It can be brutal to look at your life and recognize nothing you do is taking you closer to what you dream of The person we wish to be is non existent until the person we are now evolves Dies like the caterpillar goes away before the butterfly can emerge. It’s painful to die and in resistance we keep subconsciously making the same mistakes A passive aggressive kind of self sabotage The simplest tool for a panicked ego trying…Continue Reading “Willing”

Nature. The big bitch behind everything is the brightest player that ever existed She wrote the play book and expect us to learn I love you bitch and I also got  you The wicked ant tireless monkey No longer simply plays for you And every other side Still going And even you At the ends is just us Change or die

Happiness and commitment Much of my suffering has come as a result of my lack of commitment I’m discovering it takes a lot to wake up each day and be committed to one mission What will I do day after day that will end up making up the pages in the book of my life My one true mastery for the love of creation? I see the world and I wish we were all conscious players and at the same time I’m so ignorant I…Continue Reading “Commit”