I just wanna end it

There’s  a part of me that thinks is all futile There’s a pain that takes over And the gratitude and the light Are just there on side lines of my deep grief of wide understanding Standing alone in the storm of my personal cloud And I just wanna end it I don’t want an ear… Read more I just wanna end it

Through the eyes of a thousand universes

You are seen through Whatever filter that opinion may be Who are you then But the universe who can only see itself. In the distortion of the seen A wavy projection from the mere reflection of you Lives in the average, the max and min and in between.


Dense. The oscillation of our ways of being may take you to a phase that’s dense. In that contracted state you get to experience the beauty of sadness. The depth of your soul lined by the echoed dull pain of loss. Sadness  also reveals the weaknesses of our attachments when you look close.  It guides… Read more Dense

You exist simultaneously at many different levels. Focused or expanded. Like someone would look at a map and have both views: street view and satellite. Awareness is what helps you learn.