I just wanna end it

There’s  a part of me that thinks is all futile There’s a pain that takes over And the gratitude and the light Are just there on side lines of my deep grief of wide understanding Standing alone in the storm of my personal cloud And I just wanna end it I don’t want an ear… Read more I just wanna end it

Starting over

It’s never all wrong. Higher understandings will sometimes lead you to start over. Many times you’ll have to do the same thing you did before, but for better reasons. Less selfish reasons. There’s no work that’s too little,or that’s too small. Sometimes you gotta start from the bottom. and it’s alright.

Keep going

Do it for others. Commitment to ourselves can fluctuate. Specially when your commitment requires you to  step out of your comfort zone regularly. Things may get overwhelming, and in the mist of the turbulence, the fire of our why gets faded. Our why are the reasons why we take action. The reasons every dream becomes… Read more Keep going

Be patient

Be patient with yourself. Take your time to integrate when you are learning something new or working towards something. New knowledge creates a new you within space in the old you. In the same way that two things come together to create something new. It takes times because finding balance is like an experiment, you… Read more Be patient

Restore & Grow

Make restoring part of your growth plan. Success comes from consistency and consistency can’t happen if you burn out. Sleep well, eat well, poop well and have great sex. Restore so you can keep going.