You are special. You. The person who thinks about life. The person that asks why?. The person who doesn’t eat ideas whole and is not swiped by the wave of what’s popular. You see the vastness in the sky, and in the soul. You feel beyond good or bad, and see beauty in the rage,… Read more You.

Be you

Be you. The world needs the gift that only you have. Your perspective of this world is unique and valuable. Your self expression is your right, and a gift to us. We all know you are not perfect and we don’t care. Be you, so when you die your fire can live in the form… Read more Be you

Not alone

We are never alone. Even if you are lonely,with no family or friends, you are supported. Be open to look, to reveal yourself, and to ask for what you need. You deserve it. There’s unconditional love that belongs to everyone when we learn to leave the shields of fear fall away from our hearts. You… Read more Not alone