Existence is art school

Existence itself is art school. Pure consciousness paints the universe in all the various dimensions of our perception. Brushing light into form, sound, texture, taste, and odor. Watch the light bounce into different shades of colors. Absorb yourself in the vibration of sound in your ear, and the tingling of feel at the surface of… Read more Existence is art school

Good surroundings

Surround yourself with beauty. The beauty of smiles, hugs, and spontaneous dance parties. The beauty of authentic words and open hearts. Freely share your own beauty, and see the beauty in that other living being.

Not alone

We are never alone. Even if you are lonely,with no family or friends, you are supported. Be open to look, to reveal yourself, and to ask for what you need. You deserve it. There’s unconditional love that belongs to everyone when we learn to leave the shields of fear fall away from our hearts. You… Read more Not alone