The lone viewer

I’m a shitty writer. I’m ok with it. I wasn’t always ok with it because before, my obsessive need for perfection kept my words inside my mind and all my blogs unpublished.

Over the years I discovered that most of us feel this way, as if we were impostors. In our heads we are just one more person pretending to know what she is talking about. Apparently the more you know the more you feel this way and since we all have to get college degrees nowadays the whole thing is called clinically the Impostor Syndrome.

And so we go on pretending to feel competent  when we don’t, and in fact we are. It took me years to internalize the knowledge that actually no one gives it shit. We are all too busy worrying about if what we just said or did is making us look cool, or if it’s gonna make us win. It took me years to understand the deep nature of my egocentricity, the true nature of a human soul. We can care for others and the world but we can only see and act through our own single human filter.

the thing that connects us is that we all get to enjoy the capacity to have experiences, what we experience though, is unique to each one of us. We are each a lone viewer of our own show.



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